Employee & “Employ-ability” Solutions

Dean’s Staffing Solutions, Inc. is a full-service HR partner and Training Solutions Provider. We provide employee and employability solutions for today’s challenges. We have developed and presented continuing education programs structured to service multiple industries including medical, human resources, information technology and soft skills necessary to enter the job market, upskill professionals to the next level, or transition skillsets to enter a new industry.

DSSI is an organization that is focused on introducing new collaborative solutions for our community and our clients. Our goal is to provide a sounding board for workforce labor shortages due to educational gaps. We want to establish partnership with the same vision. We understand that industry and technology changes in the Greater Houston Area, the State of Texas, and ultimately the United States will eventually affect the quality of life for our communities. These changes can be positive with the help of organizations that introduce alternative educational opportunities for continued growth.

Since 2007 we have provided HR partnership and training solutions in collaboration with Smith & Dean, Inc. Our staff includes industry experts and credentialed employees that have provided training solutions in the areas of healthcare, soft skills, and professional development to large and small organizations and non-profits throughout the Greater Houston area and the United States.

Most recently, through a partnership with Houston Methodist, our staff provided certification prep training for all non-certified Medical Assistants in the Houston Methodist Float Pool. Through this training and partnership with National Healthcareers Association, we were able to get all Medical Assistants certified within a 60 day period. Our experience includes multiple partnerships and collaborations for food service soft skills and food safety training, CPR and other healthcare certifications, and professional certifications including preparation for Microsoft Office certifications.